Why Women Travelers love Casa Oasis Troncones

For most of my life, i dreamt of the perfect beach vacation — one where I could be alone and safe on the beach, in nature, and really, truly relax. Turns out we had to build a beach house to get it, but sometimes drastic measures are necessary. But don’t worry, you don’t have to build your own beach house — we built this place for you, too.

An affordable and pristine custom spa vacation. Troncones is the ideal place for women traveling on their own. Ever dreamed of walking alone at dawn on a pristine beach in total safety? Or how about sitting on the sand, all by your lonesome, with a glass of wine, watching the full moon —without worries? Then this is your spot.

Want a real retreat from the hustle and bustle of your stressful life? It’s closer and cheaper than you think. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a spa or a trip to Thailand to find natural beauty, peace and solitude. In Troncones, you can even take yoga twice a day, and have an affordable masseuse come to you every morning, if you so desire.

Want to wander around a small village, free from people trying to sell you stuff or obnoxious guys chatting you up as you try to eat dinner? This is your spot.

The village of Troncones is literally family oriented — everyone knows everyone (heck, most of them are related), so folks seldom misbehave. So you can dine alone, savoring that fresh-caught red snapper bathed in garlic and that piña colada in perfect peace. The locals have also seen enough tourism to know there’s nothing strange about a woman traveling alone, so you’ll be met with friendly solicitude, and that’s all.

Travel safely and hassle-free, and really and truly relax in Troncones.

Your Oasis in Troncones. At Casa Oasis, we know a lot about traveling alone as a woman (well, one of us does) and we will help make sure your stay is blissful. For instance, many Troncones rentals don’t have locks on the doors (quite a few don’t even have doors), but as traveling women, we know it’s the little details like privacy and locks that make all the difference between relaxing and really recharging, between sleeping so-so and sleeping like a baby.

And, apart from the fact that this is an extremely safe, respectful community, our property is fenced and gated, and we have two big dogs and several trained attack cats. Miaow!

Our end of the beach is so quiet as to be virtually private, and we have few neighbors, so your peace and privacy will be nearly absolute. The compound is mostly silent…apart from the tropical birds and the crash of the waves. And, our kitchens are fully equipped so you can eat the way you want to eat while you’re here.

You can even bring your pet, as long as s/he is friendly with other cats/dogs. And, we have a new, more affordable Tree House Loft  to offer…views, breezes, privacy, and a ton of closet space.

You’ll come away from your Casa Oasis Troncones custom beach retreat renewed, refreshed and with a sun-kissed glow, more than ready to tackle the difficulties of day to day life. (And you’ll be back!)

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