Why Casa Oasis Troncones?

Top Ten Reasons to choose Casa Oasis:

  1. The beach experience.  Troncones is all about the beach. The kind of untouched nearly empty beach we thought disappeared decades ago. More specifically, our gorgeous corner of Troncones beach and the natural beauty that surrounds us = simply spectacular.
  2. Natural beauty & eco-friendly. The Troncones area in general, and Casa Oasis in particular, are surrounded by the kind of natural beauty that is increasingly difficult and expensive to experience: a beautiful, clean, undeveloped, practically private beach. And we work hard to protect it all. Casa Oasis is a green rental, eco-conscious policies.
  3. Beautiful comfort. Housekeeping six days a week, pillow-top mattresses, soft linens and towels, quality stainless steel cookware, etc. We want you to feel at home, and yet pampered on vacation at the same time.
  4. Friendly, caring staff. We still believe in personal contact before, during and after booking. We’ll answer all your questions and even use full sentences! And while you’re at the Oasis, we’ll make sure you’re well taken care of. (And that you get your privacy.)
  5. Total relaxation. Casa Oasis is literally designed to be comfortable, peaceful and private, to help you unwind and recharge. We know how busy your life at home is. That’s why we call this place the Oasis.
  6. Beach fun! Troncones offers a ton of activities — year-round surf, 3 miles of beach on which to run, play, SUP, boogie board, whomp, frolic, etc. bird-watching, tide pooling, mountain biking, eco-tours, etc. Or, if not doing anything is your vacay game, we provide the most luscious spot in which to do a whole lot of nothing. Read, nap, swim, eat, repeat.
  7. Authentic Mexico. Troncones is not a resort or border town. This ain’t Tijuana. Troncones is real Mexico, a vibrant mainland Mexican community, with laughing, friendly people, bright colors, and great food. Get a taste of real life in a Mexican village, not a touristy facsimile.
  8. Peaceful and safe. Troncones is a tiny, tight-knit town where everybody knows everybody and whose only industry is tourism. People look out for each other. (Talk about neighborhood watch!) Many houses don’t have doors, much less locks (having come from afar, we offer both). In Troncones, it’s safe to take a solitary run on the beach at dawn, to wander the beach at night, and even to enjoy the occasional bit of night swimming!
  9. No stress, no worries, no traffic. Just 45 minutes from ZIH international airport, with daily flights by most major airlines, Casa Oasis Troncones is easy to get to. We’ll even help you rent a car or book an airport shuttle/grocery run. (And our Troncones Travel guide will help with just about everything else you might need.)And once you’re in Troncones (or TRX, as we like to call it), walk to town, take cheap cabs, or rent a bike. Easy, breezy, stress free-zy.
  10. Family and group travel fun. With our 3 adjacent, yet private units, Casa Oasis Troncones is perfect for group or family travel. Keep the ones you love close, and still have your own space—with several indoor, outdoor and indoor-outdoor areas for you all to hang out together, not to mention the glorious beach just out front!
  11. (Bonus!) A sweet deal. Casa Oasis rates are reasonable and our location, amenities and service are outstanding. This adds up to a great value for you. (Which is why we have so many repeat guests. Check out our reviews.) This adds up to many mangoes for you! (You’re in Mango Country now!)