Troncones in the News

Time-warp Troncones has remained largely undiscovered, until recently.

The world is beginning to pay attention to this sleepy little coastal town, with its gorgeous, pristine beaches, unspoiled nature, and year-round surf. A real rarity in 2017 — an undeveloped, unspoiled, affordable, yet easy-access beach hideaway — Troncones is beginning to make headlines.

If you’ve always dreamed of a beach vacation where there’s nothing between you and the beach, here’s your chance!

“My favorite beach in the world” — New York Times

Partial image of a New York Times article on Troncones Beach Mexico

New York Times article on Troncones Beach Mexico. (Click on image to go to full article.)


“…when we got off the highway, about 22 miles from Zihuatanejo, we were surrounded by nothing but tropical forest. In town, we found a chicken running on the dirt road in front of the same dusty tienditas and hand-painted hotel and restaurant signs we remembered. There was no trace of the dreaded stalls selling T-shirts and seashell fridge magnets or parasails pulled by boats crisscrossing the sky.”

“The easy pace and welcoming spirit of a classic Mexican hideaway” —Travel Channel

Image of Travel Channel article on Troncones Beach, Mexico

Travel Channel article on Troncones Beach, Mexico. (Click on image to go to full article.)

“With a population hovering around a mere 500 permanent residents, the town has magically maintained a pleasant sense of isolation. Intrepid travelers are drawn to Troncones, seeking the unspoiled and barefoot beach vibe that has diminished elsewhere along Mexico’s coast as towns here grow increasingly popular. While removed from the busy resort scene, it still has enough unassuming hotels, tasty local restaurants and interesting activities to keep visitors comfortable.”







“The Loveliest Beach in Mexico” —The Guardian, UK

partial image of a Guardian article on Troncones Beach, Mexico.

“Troncones does not have the wondrous turquoise water and white sand of the Riviera Maya, or the adventure of the wilder parts of Mexico’s coastline. The dilapidated glamour of corners of Acapulco is similarly absent, as is the party scene found at Puerto Vallarta. Still Troncones envelopes its visitors in natural beauty with such unfussy grace that, in my mind, it’s as lovely as a Mexican beach resort gets.

I am, I found out during our five days there this summer, in illustrious company in my assessment. Beaten to it, more like, by a coterie of international art world celebrities whose presence provides mere mortals with quite a fun game to play while walking along the beach – guessing which villa belongs to who.