Reserve your Oasis in Troncones

Casa Oasis Troncones has three apartments on Troncones beach

Three beautiful units, one glorious, secluded, sandy swimming beach

If you’d like to reserve, or if you just have questions, please fill out our handy dandy reservation form below. If there’s room at the Oasis, we’ll reply with an invoice and the payment info of your choice.

If not, we’ll let you know immediately, so you have time to grieve your loss, and still find yourself a nice place to stay in Troncones. : ) We may even be able to make a suggestion or two.

If you’d rather not fill out a form, there are other easy contact options just below. We’d love to hear from you, either way!

Send a reservation request to Casa Oasis:

How to reach Casa Oasis Troncones:

  1. Fill out the handy form above. (You will get a confirmation email if it goes through. If you don’t, that means we didn’t get it either, so please email us—via option #2 or #3 below.)
  2. Click here or on the big envelope button on the top right to send an email.
  3. If our technology is not cooperating, you can always just send us an old school email at OasisTroncones (at) (Not writing out the full address is a silly but necessary spam-avoidance thing.)