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Casa Oasis Troncones offers something not many beachfront rentals can—easy access, convenient location, and maximum privacy. It’s practically a private beach. (Have you priced private beach stays lately?)

During peak season—Easter and Christmas week, 16 or so people might be on our section of the beach. Maybe. If they all come out to play at once. Other parts of Troncones, with hotels and restaurants, get more people.

The rest of the year, beach population in front of the house ranges from hermit crabs and white egrets, to the occasional fisherman, to a lone family frolicking in the waves. (Although our sandy swimming hole is occasionally discovered around the holidays). Visitors on horseback wander by now and then, and Che, the white lab from down the beach, ocasionally comes to visit. That’s about it.

At night, the beach is deserted, except for the occasional turtle laying her eggs (and sporadic turtle egg eco tours). The only crowd ever on our beach is the most impressive display of stars we have ever seen, anywhere. Unless it’s cloudy, the milky way is clearly visible overhead. And full moons at the Oasis are truly magical. Ahhh. (We seriously recommend planning your stay during a full moon.)

This kind of privacy and peace are hard to find in our fast-paced world. Especially only a short flight and a 25-minute drive from an international airport. And they are a big part of what makes Casa Oasis Troncones so special.

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