Casa Oasis policies

are the result of nearly 20 years of trial and error. (We had a B&B before this.) They are designed to be fair to you and yet to protect us. Because Troncones is a small, special destination, people book months in advance and last-minute reservations are uncommon. This makes it really difficult to re-book close-in cancellations. So our policies have to be stricter than your average Cancun condo. Please check out all our policies, as you agree to them when you book. Thanks for understanding!


Because Troncones books months in advance, we need payment in full in order to reserve stays of 14 or fewer days.

For all stays, we need at least 14 days or a 50% deposit in order to reserve (whichever is greater). For longer stays, full balance is due at least 60 days before your arrival. Our cancellation policy is more generous than most around here. Please be sure to check it out.

Payment Methods and fees

These are our payment options. Please let us know which you prefer, and we’ll send you an invoice and the appropriate info. We do not cover payment fees, but we do offer housekeeping 6 days a week!

  • Visa or MasterCard— (via a secure online credit card payment service, which charges 3% for US credit cards, 4% for cards from other countries.)
  • American Express card payments carry an additional .5% fee. (3.5%–4.5%, total) please let us know if you’d specifically like to use AmEx.
  • Wire/money transfer — to our LANB account — (no fee on this end, but your bank might charge a fee to send one.)
  • Cash or online deposit — to a Capital One, LANB or USAA bank account. (no fee for deposits)

By making a deposit, you wholeheartedly agree to be bound by our policies… so check ’em out: Casa Oasis Troncones refund and cancellation policies