Casa Oasis: location, location, location

Casa Oasis is ideally located at the far, solitary end of the quiet, residential Troncones beach. It’s an easy 10-15 minute walk to restaurants and stores on the road, with its tropical foliage and technicolor birds.

It takes a bit longer walking on the beach, what with all the stopping to ooh and aah at the pristine coastal vista and the occasional surfer, dolphin, or visiting pod of whales.

Other ways to get around Troncones

  • Rent a bike and cruise the beach road
  • Use our inexpensive taxis
  • Rent a car at the Zihuatanejo airport (be sure to read this first)

Where exactly is Casa Oasis Troncones? Just ask Google:

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Also, wherever you are, don’t forget to look up.

Troncones is home to more stars than you’ve probably ever seen in one place, at least while comfortably in a bathing suit. The milky way herself generally hangs out right on top of Casa Oasis.

Here’s a handy map of constellations visible from Troncones. Click on the link to get tonight’s map. The soft sand out front of the house is ideal for for an evening of stargazing…

Get tonight’s map:

Map of stars in the Troncones sky

The stars really, really come out in Troncones.