getting around Troncones

Transportation in and around Troncones 

footprints in the sand on troncones beach

Footprints on our empty beach

Getting around Troncones is easy—it’s a tiny place. You can walk our pristine, windswept three-mile stretch of beach, rent a bike (or rent a car—at the airport), or use the local microbus and taxis.

And, unlike in L.A., everybody walks in Troncones. The beach and the road offer diverse cultural and ecological adventures, from surfer spotting to iguana watching.

Finding Casa Oasis Troncones

We’re on the beach road, about a mile from the bridge. Let us know how you’re arriving, and we’ll send a detailed map.

Bikes are available for rent, as well. North of Casa Oasis, the road is dusty in dry season and muddy in the rainy season (but still a lot of fun). There are some great, bumpy rides through tropical forest, palm groves and even rivers.

To rent bikes, email Mike at surf(at)

Microbuses or “combis” (cheap communal taxi vans) run by the house every day until 5:30 or so. And, we can always call you a cab. (And they usually even show up!)

To rent a car or not to rent at car? Car rental in Mexico costs quite a bit more than in the US.  There is quite a lot to do and see around Troncones—if you really want to get out and about and explore the sights (and surf breaks), then you’ll need a car. On the other hand, sometimes doing nothing on the perfect beach is the perfect break.

Get the full skinny on renting a car in Mexico here.

Our rental car advice 

Bargains Pre-booking a car from the states or Canada can lower prices. If you book here, be sure to bargain a bit with the rental companies at the airport. (You can’t miss them as you come out of the arrival gate.) The optional insurance that credit cards often pay for is not so opitonal here. Be prepared. Be mindful the extra charge involved in the special “exchange rate” they use. (Tsk!)

Surfmobile alert: Remember some of the more advanced surf spots are at the end of unmanicured dirt roads (muddy moguls and treacherous swamps in summer), so that bargain itty-bitty tin-can rental might not be your best bet. If you hope to visit (and return from), say, the Ranch, an upgrade might be in order.

If you’re driving to Troncones, check out our Driving to Troncones page for more chaos-taming data.

Consider the joys of not having a vehicle

Lower your carbon footprint (and leave more footprints in the sand) If you’re only here for a few days, you may make the conscious choice not to rent a car and not to go many places. For the ultimate relaxation vacation, forget the vehicle—if you want to truly chill in Troncones, you’ll be fine without it. Rent a bike, stroll down the beach or jungle road, or use the occasional taxi or microbus.

You may also find that once you’re here, you won’t want to leave—ever. Let’s see… we’ll be right on a gorgeous empty beach, with fish, veggies and beer delivered to our gate? At Casa Oasis, staying home takes on a luscious new meaning—desert island dreaming.

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