flying to Troncones

Booking a flight to Troncones

Getting to Troncones by plane is easy. Many major airlines fly to Zihuatanejo (airport code: ZIH), including Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, US Air, AeroMexico and Delta. The tricky part is that most of them fly in only 2-3 days a week (less frequently in summer).

TIP: Search with flexible dates to get a real idea of Zihuatanejo flight availability. Contact us before booking your flight, and we’ll do our best to keep your ideal dates on hold for a couple of days until you find flights that work.

The Zihuatanejo / Ixtapa airport is just 30 minutes from Casa Oasis.

Getting to Troncones from the Airport

Special Oasis treatment: Our favorite cab driver will meet your flight, take you to the grocery store in Zihua and wait while you shop, then bring you straight home to the Oasis for around US $75 for two people + tip for waiting. (He also has access to a van for larger groups.) Send us your travel info 3-4 days before you arrive, and we’ll set it up.

Fast and pricey: The fastest way to get here and into the sea/hammock is by taking an airport cab. From the area outside the arrival gate, Zihuatanejo taxis charge around US $80 to bring you to Troncones. The price drops dramatically once you get off the airport grounds (see below)…It’s all about taxes and airport licenses and other shameless bureaucratic moneymaking schemes.

Middle of the road: (No, we’re not suggesting you stand in the middle of the road.) Walk across the parking lot and outside the airport gates. On your right, you’ll see a little palapa that will, incidentally, serve you a cold beer while you wait. Grab a cab from there directly to Troncones (more or less US $50).

Affordable + grocery run: Exit the airport grounds and take a much cheaper cab (around US $10) or a supercheap microbus from the palapa to the Comercial Mexicana supermarket in Zihuatanejo. Do your shopping, get cash at the ATM’s in the grocery store and then hop another cab to Troncones. (around US $40)

Deluxe: Rent a car at the Airport (See getting around Troncones for rental pros, cons, and details.)