about us

tropical fruit in troncones mexicoWe built Casa Oasis because we fell in love with Troncones—the beach, the countryside, the people, and even the fruit. Yes, it sounds a bit corny, but wait til you see the place and meet the people (and taste the mangoes). You’ll understand what we mean.

Casa Oasis is a long-time dream come true. We built it with care and an eye towards comfort. Renting the place when we aren’t visiting helps us keep the dream going. We look forward to hosting your Troncones stay.

We love traveling, books, gardening, music, animals, and of course the beach. Most especially our corner of this pristine, quiet beach.

Allergy alert: There are friendly cats (and iguanas and geckos and frogs, oh my!) on the premises, but not generally in the flats, unless invited. (Except the geckos—they think they own the place, but they’re cute and eat more than their weight in bugs every day, so we tolerate ’em). The bedrooms close completely to keep any critters and bugs out. 

Children: We love kids. However, the open tropical architecture may not be suitable for very young children (balcony railings, etc.). Please ask us if you have any questions or doubts!